Collapsible Telescopic Folding Cane

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Folding Telescopic Trusty Cane Folding LED For Light Hiking Sticks Great Gifts for Mothers Elder Parents


With telescopic and folding features, this cane is easy to carry while traveling or sightseeing. He can help the elder to walk stably and safely to breathe fresh air outside, experience the colorful life, and enjoy the glorious moment for the rest of his life. Great and a perfect gift for the elderly. -Color


: Shown on photos.

-Material: Aluminum alloy + Plastic + EVA.

-Size: Approx. 84x16x2 cm / 33x63x0.8 inch (Lxwx).

-5-Height Adjustment Level: Height can be adjusted by lightly pressing the button lug.

-Stable for Use: Can stand alone with 4-foot base that is anti-skid and can be rotated 360 ° to fit all types of paths.

-Flexible and Convenient: The angle of LED light can be adjusted. Safer to use with alarm button.

Stand-Up Easily: Side arm to help the old man to get up. Easy and convenient to use.

Package List

1 x Telescopic Cane